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The Historic Wheatsheaf

The Wheatsheaf, or as it’s better known, “The Wheaty”, has been around since 1885. With royal roots digging deep into Cedar’s soil, the Wheaty has become a staple of Victoria Island.

Our story begins with Queen Victoria hand-signing the Wheatsheaf’s liquor license in the late 1880’s. The building doubled as a stagecoach stop where travelers would buy tobacco and rest from journeys far and wide.

As time went on, through word of mouth and a growing population, the Wheatsheaf established itself as a premier feature of Cedar. Abruptly however, in 1926, a blaze leveled The Wheatsheaf. The community quickly rallied to find a solution to continue the Wheaty’s legacy. Another building was chosen as a suitable replacement and was moved to its current location. Ownership switched hands later in 1978, and shortly after the liquor store was added on to the property.

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Since 1978 the Wheaty has been in the care of the Hutt family, turning it into the welcoming place it is today. To put it simply, the Wheatsheaf is home. Home to 130+ years history. Home to the town of Cedar. And home to you! 

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